Annual Camp Update

Scouts, annual camp update;
We will be meeting on Saturday 19th July at 10:45 sharp in Heuston Train Station.

All payments for camp must be made in full on or before Thursday the 17th July. All consent forms and managing medication forms must be completed and given to the scout leaders on or before Thursday the 17th July also.

As per our note which was handed out last Thursday, pocket money up to the sum of €50 is allowed. Scouts may look after this money themselves, however, if they wish for the scout leaders to mind their pocket money we will do so (please have pocket money in a sealed envelope).

Also mentioned in our note – Medication must be sealed in a plastic bag with instructions of use and your child’s name clearly marked on it. Any medication is to be handed to the scout leaders on arrival to Heuston station.

We will be getting the 16:05 train home on Friday the 25th July & we expect this train to arrive at Heuston at approx 17:30. Please collect your child from the train station at this time. If there are any changes/delays we will do our best to notify each parent via text.