Gear List for Cub Weekend Camp

1x Sleeping bag
1x Rucksack (Or 1 appropriately sized bag which your child can carry comfortably)
1x Waterproof Jacket
1x Waterproof/Resistant Trousers
1x Pair of Hiking Boots (Highly Recommended but sturdy runners if none are available at short notice)
Warm Clothing (Fleeces or hoodies extra socks hat if necessary etc)
Lightweight Durable Plate Cup Bowl and Spork/Knife and Fork, plastic or metal are best.
Packing clothes by day in plastic bags can be helpful in case of rain. SImilarly sleeping bags should be packed inside rucksack in a plastic bag if possible to ensure that they remain dry.
Medications should be packed in clear plastic bags labelled with the child’s name and presented to leaders at the time of drop off along with the medications management form.
This list is to help prepare first time cubs for camp but is not exhaustive. Items which the children may usually have at bedtime such as a teddy bear are welcomed provided they fit comfortably within the rucksack.
All normal scout rules apply, therefore we ask that unnecessary valuables and all electronic items be left at home.