Isle of Man Annual Camp Final Reminder Details

Please see previous article for our gear list.


We will be meeting at…… Dublin Port (Terminal 1 Alexandra Road) at 9:30am this Sunday the 28th July. Please do not be late!

Do not forget to bring;
1. E1 11 Card
2. Full Uniform & Hiking Boots (These must be worn on our travels)
3. Your Isle of Man Hoodie (if you have not received this yet we will give it to you on arrival)
4. Pocket Money – 80 Pounds Sterling is the MAX amount any scout can bring. This pocket money can be kept by each scout but we will provide an option for leaders to mind the pocket money also. 10 Pounds Sterling can be kept by each scout for the ferry trip.
5. Any medication that you will need for the ten days along with the Managing Medications form if this has not already been given to us.

Any emergencies throughout our camp, you can contact all leaders on 087-903-7744

Collection time is 9:55am on Tuesday the 6th August in Dublin Port.