Race Series – Goodie Bag Packing

The last pre marathon race in the Race Series 2012 is coming up with the Half Marathon being held mid September.  For us that means there are 6,000 goodie bags to pack!

This will be the last in the series of goodie bag packs for 2012 and we need huge support from parents & members of the Group to make sure we get it all done… and quickly!

We will be in the den from 9:30am on Saturday 8th September to begin the pack and when there are lots of hand on deck, it never takes more than a few hours to complete… even for 6,000 bags!

If you can spare some time on the day people lend a hand.  Even if you can only make it for an hour or two it will make all the difference.

Looking forward to seeing you there next week for a couple of hours.  All are welcome, parents, friends, aunts & uncles etc!