Summer Fundraisers

Each year we are very lucky to secure fundraising from the Dublin Race Series in the form of bag packing which takes place in the Scout Den and staffing water stations at the finish line of each race.

This year it will take 35 people to pack the goody bags (without being there all day!) and we are required to provide 20 people to support the water station.

If we do not meet these requirements we will lose this important fundraiser and this will have a huge knock on effect to the running of the Group and how much we have to charge you for membership. 😥

The bag packs take place on the following dates in the Scout Den:
Saturday 14th July 9am – 2pm
Saturday 17th August 9am – 2:30pm
Saturday 14th September 9am – 3pm

The water stations take place on the following dates:
Sunday 21st July 8am – 1pm
Saturday 24th August 8am – 1:30pm
Saturday 21st September 8am – 2pm
Meet at the den at 8am to travel to the race to facilitate carpooling if necessary.

In order to ensure an appropriate staffing level at each event we are asking all families to register which fundraising event they can commit to through an online form – we are adding each bag pack and water station one at a time so don’t be shy! Please follow this link to the form.

Please do not underestimate how important these fundraisers are to the successful running of the youth programme for all sections (and did we mention the fees! 🙄 )