Scout Sleepover and Skiing

What: Scout Sleepover and Skiing

When: Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th December.

Where:  Kilternan Ski Club & The Scout Den

Cost: €35 per scout, please bring this to the den the next time you are coming. Cost will cover the skiing fee, a movie night and dinner on Saturday evening.

Scouts should meet at 2:00pm on Sunday at Kilternan Ski Club, collection will be at 4:30pm from Kilternan. We will be hosting a movie evening in the den from 5:00pm – 7:30pm after the skiing

Covid-19 Considerations: 

We cannot accommodate carpooling due to Covid-19, each Scout/family should be dropped and collected from Kilternan Ski Club/The Scout Den.


All Scouts will require a disclaimer signed by parent/guardian to partake in the skiing. Please find official disclaimer here.

Equipment List: 

– Face Mask
– Warm, flexible clothing that does not restrict movement*
– Strong Gloves (ideally padded ski gloves)*
– Long, thick socks*
– Long-sleeved top*
– Wet weather gear as classes will still proceed if it rain*
– Disclaimer*
– Flask with hot drink*
– Neckerchief & Woggle
– Blanket (for outdoor movie)
– Small Day Bag
– Water Bottle
– Packed lunch/snack
– Rain Gear
* required for skiing